First Oxford has a proven track record of taking back assets. When a tenant elects not to renew a lease, First Oxford immediately begins the task of repositioning the asset to the highest and best use as determined by market conditions. Given our long-term investment horizon, we typically do not sell off assets when a lease crosses from long term to shorter term. First Oxford has created substantial value for shareholders over the years through its ability to reposition an asset previously encumbered by a long-term lease, and reset that asset to market rental rates. We draw on the deep skill set of our real estate professionals, and our ability to connect with local partners to fully understand each submarket.

First Oxford has learned that when working with asset repositioning, historical use does not dictate future occupancy.  With over five decades of experience, we have learned to look at each project with an unbiased eye.  First Oxford will consider most alternatives for a site as long as the rationale is sound and the tenant’s fundamentals are solid.

Case Studies


  • Old tenant: Kroger (grocery)
  • 4-acres
  • 46,000 sq ft
  • Retail => Entertainment
  • 220,000 car count/day
  • New tenant: K1 Speed


Houston Before


Houston After


  • Old tenant: COMPUSA
  • 3-acres
  • 40,350 sq ft
  • Retail => Education
  • Financeable long term lease
  • Financeable long term lease with Investment grade tenant
  • New tenant: Kaplan College




Vegas AfterVegas After2