First Oxford Corporation’s strategy seeks opportunities that provide the structuring of purchase/leaseback transactions that allow us to obtain favorable terms, including the following:

Corporate Finance Solutions:   First Oxford focuses its purchase/leaseback activities on businesses that are trying to meet and exceed corporate financial and strategic goals and objectives. These goals include repayment of high-cost debt and obtaining infusions of working capital for growth.  This focus allows us to find greater opportunities rather than focusing only on businesses that are simply solving specific real estate financing problems.

Tenant Credit Characteristics:   First Oxford concentrates on businesses that possess strong or improving credit quality characteristics, successful operating histories, potential for growth, recognized business franchises and market presence. We will consider purchase/leaseback and net lease transactions with prospective tenants of diverse credit quality provided the real estate meets our standards and we believe that the property is essential or important to the prospective tenant’s corporate growth. First Oxford’s tenants may include either public or private companies which may be unrated or rated investment grade or below investment grade.

Multiple Property Transactions:   First Oxford believes there is significantly less market competition for purchase/leaseback transactions and net leased property acquisitions that involve portfolios containing a number of properties located in more than one geographic region. We believe our national presence, acquisition experience and access to capital will allow us to compete effectively for such transactions.