First Oxford is a Maryland Corporation which acquires, owns and manages properties that are net leased to corporations in a variety of industries. These leases are typically, but not exclusively, bondable triple net deals.   We focus on properties which are essential to the operations of our clients, such as a corporation’s headquarters, central distribution facilities or strategic retail locations. Under a triple net lease, the tenant is responsible for all obligations such as taxes, repairs and insurance. Based on total projects completed, First Oxford is one of the largest, privately owned companies in the United States that is engaged exclusively in the corporate net leased real estate business.

First Oxford’s current portfolio consists of predominantly industrial, retail and office single-tenant properties. Since beginning in 1973, the Company has acquired the fee title interest in more than 250 properties.

Toppenish WA

Toppenish WA

The Company employs a diverse team with experience in credit and real estate analysis, as well as finance and asset management.  These individuals use established procedures and systems to identify, acquire and manage commercial net leased real estate assets. Our senior management team, most having worked together in the corporate net leased real estate business for decades, has developed an extensive network of contacts with bankers, brokers and senior corporate managers which it uses to identify new investment opportunities.

Prior to purchasing and leasing back a corporate property, First Oxford Corporation:

  1. appraises the market value and evaluates the structural integrity of the buildings and the environmental condition of the land and improvements
  2. underwrites the credit quality and financial ability of the tenant to pay rent
  3. analyzes the current usefulness of the property to the tenant’s business operations
  4. evaluates potential future uses of the building and more importantly the land

Based on management’s assessment of market conditions and the data gathered, a decision is made as to whether advantageous terms exist to pursue additional purchase/leaseback transactions and to acquire additional net leased properties.