Substantial wealth has been created in the US during the last sixty years and a significant portion of this wealth has been either created through or allocated to privately owned real estate. Real estate investment management capabilities for smaller, middle market projects and wealthy individuals & families owning such real estate are limited. Furthermore, many wealth management firms do not offer integrated real estate asset management and operating capabilities.

Real estate has, for many, emerged more recently as its own asset class, no longer lumped in with alternative investments, and the industry has to date largely underserved owners and investors with increased exposure to the sector and in need of active management. Larger institutional players have driven the wave of consolidation in the real estate services arena and the global providers have in large part geared their business models to these clients. Smaller, more fragmented brokers and property managers often lack the sophistication and experience to adequately service more demanding owners and challenging projects.

First Oxford Corporation and CrossCore Investment Group have combined forces to address this underserved market and formed FirstCore Advisors.

FirstCore offers a differentiated service:

  • An experienced team with in-house resources to actively manage projects and portfolios and a credible track record from its own principal investment activities
  • An ability to tap an extensive industry network for nationwide coverage across all property types
  • A multi-pronged approach with tailored offerings, either with a transactional focus or for on-going asset management needs
  • A desire to align interests beyond a fee-for- service relationship and a capacity to bring capital for co-investment with clients if of interest

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